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Deer fencing - installed price per metre? - Farm Fencing Talk

Farm fencing ; Fencing installation ; Deer fencing - installed price per metre? And rather than deer net, ht rylock, with light rylock above it again keeps cost down perhaps more work rolling wire out twice and working hog rings and lashing rods. Deer fencing - installed price per metre?

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It has been estimated that by moving away from the common 3 metre steel post spacing to 10 metre spacing, farmers may save about $790 /km on the cost of a new fence. A farm with obsolete fencing should be replanned on the contour and classes of land separated from one another for better working. Cost per kilometre of single fence line

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Break down of metre rates - Fencing installation - Farm

Has any body got a proper breakdown of fence erection rates I Ive been fencing for years but just slowly increase rates per year and end up middle of the road price wise I just thought the more efficient guys may have a per m rate for posting up , strutting box and angle per strut ,net erectio

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Stock fencing the cost - The Accidental Smallholder

You're looking at around £3 per meter for stock fencing to buy the stuff based on £2 per post and £50 per 25m roll of fence I get 8ft gates for around £60 each.

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How Much Does Rural Fencing Cost? -

How much does rural fencing cost and what do you need to know about it? Rural fencing comes in a variety of forms and a type of fencing may be better for one purpose than another. This guide explains different types of rural fencing and their costs. A 1.2 metre high post and rail fence might cost $45.00 to $60.00 per metre;

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The option with 30 cm vertical strands cost 1600 per 100 meter and the option with 15 cm vertical strands costs 2400 Rand per 100 meter . If I do 3 meter high fencing with droppers 1 meter apart the fence works out about R55000 per kilometer . The trackers work their butss of and have no end but dont give them manual farm labour then

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