burning wooden pallets in new zealand

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There is uncertainty to what degree making heat or electricity by burning wood pellets contributes to global climate change, as well as how the impact on climate compares to the impact of using competing sources of heat. The total sales of wood pellets in New Zealand was 3 5,000 tonnes in 2003. Recent construction of new wood pellet

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How to Determine If a Wood Pallet Is Safe for Use: 3 Steps

I've noticed recently that there is a lot of incorrect or outdated information regarding wood pallets. My company makes dozens of pallets each day so I thought I would clear the air in regard to new pallets in the U.S

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Avoid burning glued wood blends, painted pallets or those with the letters 'MB' - that means it was treated with methyl bromide fumigation, as all will be toxic when burnt. Green or pink tinted timber plus any coded HT with a number alongside are also unsafe to burn.

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Quality Wood Pellet Fuel With Great Value Azwood are working to help New Zealand transition to a lower carbon future by supplying cost-comparative carbon neutral wood fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels. Azwood have been in the energy sector for 38 years. Our main products are biomass hog fuel, wood energy chip and wood pellet fuel

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Is it dangerous to burn pallet wood in your wood burner

Is it dangerous to burn pallet wood in your wood burner? As in .we have a wood burner in our home .my husband has broken up pallets and we have been burning them in the woodburner ..but sometimes it burns sooooo hot and smells .we can't put much in at a time.

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